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21 December 2007 @ 08:51 pm
hiya, i was looking on my computer and found this. it's kinda long so this is only the first page. have fun reading it!
Rayne hissed and snarled at the window, trying to the girl inside's attention. All was ignored, the blasting TV and stereo, and the snarling owl.

It was a summertime day. Hot humid one of those days you don't want to do much. I got up from the squishy neon orange suede couch. It was popcorn time. I pressed the button to open the door, it popped open i grabbed for the rather hot popcorn bag but i didn't drop it. I returned to my TV before i sat back down i turned off the stereo.

The only other noise was a silly owl banging its head against my perfectly windows. I turned around opened the window, he flew in almost crashed into the wall, i closed the window I turned to face him.
"Queen Hydii, we are in need of you." He said recovering from almost crashing into a wall.
"Yeah what else is new? So-how many times had it been that i told you to drop the queen and call me Vanessa!" I told the stubborn bird counting on my fingers.
"My apologies Queen Vanessa." He bowed this look rather silly an owl doing the best he can to bow in the presence of a queen.
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