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18 September 2007 @ 04:14 pm
I was just wondering what everyone's opinion on fanfiction is. Because I'm about 40 chapters into one whose main characters are myself and Jared Leto. I know it sounds really fangirly, but I regard it as more of an actual story than me just writing it because I think Jared's gorgeous or something like that. So, if everyone's cool with it and are interested in reading, I'd love to start re-writing it because the beginning chapters are poorly written compared to what I'm writing now, and then I'll post them up here for some feedback. Anyone interested? I won't post it if no one is, because I want actual critiques and everything which I'm not getting on buzznet.
13 September 2007 @ 11:22 pm
This is a story my friend Reinard and I just wrote to pass the time, he started it off and I would continue with a bit of my own and so on. Totally unplanned, and this is how it came out, so tell me what you think!

The wind has grown cold only to reach out the poor dying boy in a ride of fleeting blood

the light left his eyes as he fell slowly, collapsing on the cold wet floor surrounded by a pool of his own blood

The only memory remaining in his undying soul reached out of his body and stuck to anything that permitted it to stay

he could feel the life within in him slowly diminishing, his sight blurring and heart slowing, as the tall figure stood above him, his bloody knife dripping into the damp floor below

That one memory clamped onto the arm of the assialant and fed on his flesh until all that remained were bone

the memory ate at him, burning away at his skin like a poison, devouring his flesh like a parasite, eating at him until his vision became shrouded, as the boy lay dying before him, he saw it...

He saw not only wat he had done but the truth that lay before him uncovered

the images drifted into his mind, shrouding his vision and he saw the boy in the arms of a woman. she held the infant in her arms with a loving caress so beautiful it tugged at his heart. and now he could see, he had a faint sense of the way things used to be, what it had been like to feel.....

he remained petrified, death closing in like a missile. he cracked a slight smile and shed a single tear, and after that it all went Boom. Darkness as much as light pulling both the Life-ridden humans strongly with a justified cause. It was who and why.

he knew at once what he had done, the boy laying there staring up at him with cold blank eyes, they were linked, the boy had returned to him his emotion, his guilt, his sorrow, and his pain from his darkened past, he was petrified, grabbing his chest as he fell to his knees, his head ready to explode

Until one tiny memory escaped from the boy. A small dreadful memory. In this darkened moment a slight breeze flew by the assailant, a very cold breeze carrying two words... thank you...

the assailant, clutching at his own heart, things became clear to him, the boy having lost the thing he cared about most, wanting nothing more than to end the horrible, treacherous struggle to survive in a world of hatred and despair, a smile spread across his face, the man thought he heard a faint chuckle, and his eyes closed, a rush of agony and sorrow came crashing down on the assailant, he had taken the pain....

had he done justice or had he done the devil's play? His body felt heavy and his arms fell as did his wholeness. The cold damp floor felt like heaven only with an aspiring twist which was the fact that he actually was in heaven. He closed his weary eyes to remember what, but only thought of why as he lay there on the floor in a pool of his own blood staring at the very man he once was. The assailant standing next to him with a devilish smile of pleasure. It was then that he figured out who, just as he figured out what

The image before him, of a white, sacred room dissolved to reveal a sea of red, flames erupting from the ground and screams echoing from all directions as a hooded figure approached him. He was mistaken but all was clear now, it was he himself he had murdered, he himself that suffered that terrible life that built him up to his evil ways, killing was the only way to ease the pain, watching someone else's agony brought him happiness, but it all turned on him, murdering what was once he himself had landed him here...
07 September 2007 @ 11:57 pm
If anyone in this community has a fictionpress.com account, could you, would you kindly kindly go look at the new story that I posted. I've posted the beginnings of it on here, but there's the full version that's in the works so far. I would love some reviews in there just for the self esteem and for the help. So if you do, would love that soooo much!!!

03 September 2007 @ 09:43 pm
here's the latest story that i'm working on. some parts are still kinda of awkward, and yes, there are some run-ons and spelling errors, but bear with me? love to get some responses.
this is called journey back to kataran, by the way
02 September 2007 @ 07:45 pm
i just wrote an entire of my story in keldamarian. I would share it with you, but you guysdon't understand keldamarian. that makes me sad.
27 August 2007 @ 05:22 pm
Okay. So here's the latest story I'm working on. I haven't finished my first one, but I ran into a dead end and I keep brainstorming good ideas for other stories, so I need to get all the excess details out. This is only the very very beginning, and I'm going to add some background information in a prologue, but not yet. I'd love some feedback. But this is just the first draft, so it still sounds a little stupid. I hope you like it!!!

24 August 2007 @ 09:02 pm
Title:Fingerprinted Fate (it had so many titles but i like this one best!)
Chapter: prolouge
Word Count: 170, remember it's just the prolouge the entire bit is 11,908 words.
Genre: fantasy, almost romance
Rating: almost r. It has some language and some voilence, it might be still pg-13?
Summary: The prolouge doesn't give much for info, but when i post more, you'll find out. (aka i couldn't think of a good summary)

“Today is something very special. You should and must feel very privileged to learn about this. Today we are learning about ‘Other Dimensions.’ “Mrs. Kippason said happily, she wrote the topic neatly on the board. The class did not groan as usual; they were actually interested.
Mrs. Kippason wrote on the board the name of a very special place. New York.
“Can anyone tell me about New York?” She requested.
Katrina raised her hand.
“It’s a place very different from ours, and I don’t know why anyone would want to live there.” She shuddered a little.
“Good enough, but there is a specific thing that is special about New York,”
This time Sabelee raised her hand, “It’s the place that the vortex leads to, and also the place Ms. Reddia Soulclaffka makes people go that she doesn’t like,”
Mrs. Kippason was pleased who knew the highly popular Sabelee, also had brains.
Mimmica and Salvego sat slumped in their chairs, bored as ever. Sabelee didn’t have brains, she’s just snotty.
24 August 2007 @ 08:58 pm
Something I thought up and had to do this morning. :)

Title: My Best Friend.
Author: Alison Farrell.
Rating: Very very G.
Summary: Heavily based off of me and my real-life best friend. So much so, it could be something that really happened. But it didn't. Very small, very quick.

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23 August 2007 @ 11:47 pm
I wrote a poem called ‘Itsemurha’ back in December after hearing a song called 'Black Black Heart' by David Usher. A friend named Sam (AKA spikedlove) made a songfic with this and, thanks to Limewire, I now own......somewhere. Anyway, I only got around to listening to it about 10 times before I went back to school the next day, so I didn’t know the lyrics, but I still had the melody in my head. So. I wrote my own lyrics to it, like I did with the song ’Talk Show Host’ (fabulous song). Anyway, here are my lyrics to 'Black Black Heart'. I hope you like, and I really hope you don't think it's stupid.

(As a quick caution though, I went a little overboard. So, after about four or five stanzas, it may just seem overwhelming. Originally it was only four stanzas, but I couldn’t help myself.)

Title: Itsemurha
Word Count: 228
Genre: Poetry
Rating: PG-13 (?)
Warnings: Allusions of self-harm and arson....I guess.
Summary: I am in no position to tell you what this is about. It's all up to you, love.

Stigmata, blood and gasolineCollapse )
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24 August 2007 @ 12:25 am
Well, it's me again. Double post I guess since nobody else has posted since I did yesterday. Or two days ago. Whenever that was.

Anyway, this is the short story I have started based on Dunkirk, which I mentioned in my last introduction post. I have now completed part one of seven and I thought I'd post it to share. I'd love critiques, serious constructive criticism. Basically, I just want to know what people think. I'm writing this from a very close, personal place, so it's hard for me to take a step back and look at the finished product objectively.

Title: Summer Romance (not very creative and subject to change as soon as I come up with something better)
Chapter: Part 1/7
Word Count: 3,553
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Rating: R? Just for language, so I'm not sure on the rating.
Summary: Izzie is a seventeen year old girl hailing from the great state of New York. Every year, she looks forward to the week she gets to spend at camp with her friends that mean the world to her.
Written entirely by me. The summary sounds a bit immature, but I'm hoping the story is better than that...I'm bad at summaries anyway.

Part 1Collapse )

Please let me know what you think...