Hey guys i'm Abigail. I am a writer by night. HAHA. I write screenplays and love to write books.

I am 17 btw.

Just so you guys know I am currently working on a screenplay that I am going to try to sell to a studio.
The synopsis is:

A teenage girl falls for the boy a year ahead of her in High school. He is also a friend of her best friend. He falls for her right back and they begin dating. Once the newness of the relationship wears off the boy begins abusing the girl (physically, sexually, mentally) and no one believes her. She goes to her sister, friends,cousin, and best guy friend for help and all of them side with the boy because he always seems so nice ( they think the bruises are from her being clumsy) Anyway, the girl ends up going missing and being held in an abandoned warehouse in the "ghetto" part of town. The girls friend and the boy frantically search for her (when really it was the boy and some of his shady friends who caused her to be gone). When the girl is almost beaten to death the boy and his friends dump her badly battered body in the middle of the park's field....I haven't decided what happens yet. Tell me what you guys think!


I apologize for improper sentence /  paragraph structure. It's late and I am tired.
credit to fool_icons


I got the idea for this poem out of the blue and couldn't stop until I'd finished at least a third draft of it, One specific thing I hope to learn from you: Does it read smoothly? Also, any other imput you have, suggestions, comments...all is appriciated.

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Help Please?

I sort of have a problem with a new project I started.
The main plot of the story is an actual war between heaven and hell, angels and demons. The two sides are fighting for control of, well, the mortal world i guess? The problem with the idea is that it has a big focus on Christianity. Some people who have already heard the idea have told me that some people may not like the story because they belong to another religion, or the fact that it contains demons, and they are afraid that it will attract negative feedback. I've been advised to change the parts about Christianity and satanism (if thats what its called) and make up a totally fictional plot. That includes the two opposing sides, the reason for the conflict, everything, but stick to my plans for the characters and the events.
So this is my question to all of you:
Should I keep the Christianity, Or make up a totally new and original story with no religious connection??
I would really appreciate it if you would send a comment and tell me what you think.
Thanks =)
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hiya, i was looking on my computer and found this. it's kinda long so this is only the first page. have fun reading it!
Rayne hissed and snarled at the window, trying to the girl inside's attention. All was ignored, the blasting TV and stereo, and the snarling owl.

It was a summertime day. Hot humid one of those days you don't want to do much. I got up from the squishy neon orange suede couch. It was popcorn time. I pressed the button to open the door, it popped open i grabbed for the rather hot popcorn bag but i didn't drop it. I returned to my TV before i sat back down i turned off the stereo.

The only other noise was a silly owl banging its head against my perfectly windows. I turned around opened the window, he flew in almost crashed into the wall, i closed the window I turned to face him.
"Queen Hydii, we are in need of you." He said recovering from almost crashing into a wall.
"Yeah what else is new? So-how many times had it been that i told you to drop the queen and call me Vanessa!" I told the stubborn bird counting on my fingers.
"My apologies Queen Vanessa." He bowed this look rather silly an owl doing the best he can to bow in the presence of a queen.
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Another new poem!

Yeah this one actually required some thought...I don't know I really want some feed back on it so everyone please read and tell me what you think! Much Appreciated!!!

JAILBIRD by HellzAngel

I sit here silently
Imprisoned in this hellhole of a jail cell
surrounded by the stone hard faces and cold stares
of the real criminals, the people that actually
committed some kinda crime to end up here
But me? No, I was here for different reasons
For being in the wrong place at the wrong time
For who I am and the way I dress
I was a black teenager found at the scene
For them that was reason enough
But they no nothing
I had witnessed that man be killed tonight
Shot dead in his own shop, blood flowing
and the light left his eyes
the last thing he saw
was me
And then they found me, I was
captured and handcuffed before I knew
what the hell was going on
Stuffed in a cop car and dragged into the station
And there they tried to break me
Me? fall victim to their malicious, insulting
mental abuse they call interrogation?
I returned every cold stare with glares of my own
Answered every question with precision and perfection
Looked them all straight in the eye and didn't even blink
They could not break me
I'm no criminal
Never will I allow myself to succumb to
their ridiculous accusations
I will not admit defeat
As I sit in this darkened jail cell
in painful silence as I await bail
It dawns on me, that poem
"I know why the caged bird sings"
But this bird will definitely break free
And spread its wings and soar

Hey guys I'm new!

Hi just wanted to post to let everyone know that i just joined and this is a little new to me. I'm going to be posting a story soon though called "16"  and I'm hoping you will enjoy it. It's kind of a horror/ drama/ sci-fi / love story lol. It's a story I'm really close to and it has been in my head for years, but i never wrote it before.  Anyway I'm getting my profile fixed up and ill be posting soon...
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Dearest DPCATAUians, please accept my humble apology for neglecting you. I've been extremely busy since school started and drama and music and work have eaten my life. So please excuse my absence.

Anyway, I want to start another topic of discussion...


What do you think about them? Can they be successful if the writing is good, or do they always fail regardless of skill? Do you use them, or relentlessly try to drop them from your work?