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Teenage Authors Unlimited
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Welcome to Disgruntled, Pessimistic, Caffeine-Addicted Teenage Authors Unlimited!

This is a community for writers of all ages, but specifically teenagers who feel suffocated by the conventions of modern writing. Whether you write fantasy, mystery, or romance, we are hear to read what you write, share in your triumphs and failures, listen to your rants, and give you feedback.

Writing: Post up what you're currently working on, whether it's a novel, essay, short story, screenplay, poem, or anything else that uses words.

Sharing: Let us know how your journey to publication in writing is going. Have you talked to agents? Make the literary mag at your school? Lose an essay contest?

Rants: Rant about whatever you want. Rant about how you think Eragon is a cliched mess. Rant about how you hate the traps of the evil publishing industry. Rant about how you hate that amateurs are making young writers look bad. Anything you have strong feelings about is welcome here, as long as it relates to writing.

Feedback: When you post your story for us to read, you may recieve feedback. This may be harsh concrit or praise; just take it as it comes.


1.) All opinions are welcome, but we do ask that you censor your language. Everyone understands that to sometimes get the point across, you must use words that hurt some individuals' ears. While swearing is allowed, please refrain from using them every other word and dropping any F-bombs at all. True, you are allowed to rant here, but there are better ways to do that. Besides, a true author knows more words to express themselves better than those ones. If you are going to use language of this nature, it must be behind an LJ-cut with a warning.

2. All chapter/story entries MUST be behind an LJ cut. We don't want our F-lists crowded up. Yes, we know your writing is important and you want readers to see it right off the bat, but please, have some common curtesy.

3. NC-17 entries are not welcome here. There are communities designed for that especially; this is not one of them. However, all writing rated G to R is now welcome here.

4. Rants must be related to writing. Sure, your life may suck, but that is what your normal LJ is for. Here you are welcome to write any kind of rant or criticism of any author or book, but please keep it to that. Maybe you hate the new host of The Price is Right, but we don't care about that. Sorry.

5. All story/chapter entries should follow this format:

Word Count:
Warnings (this is only necessary if your story deals with controversial issues, such as racism, homosexuality, abortion, religion, ect. You know what is controversial and what is not) :

6. Your mod reserves the right to remove your work if it is inappropriate. If you follow the guidelines above, you shouldn't have a problem with this.

7. Advertisements for other LJ writing communities are allowed. Otherwise, no advertising.

8. Arguing is welcome here, but blatant rudeness and idiocy is not. Yes, part of being a pessimistic, disgruntled teenager makes you a bitch sometimes, but that's not okay when you completely lose reason and attack others for no reason.

9. Harsh criticism is welcome here. If you don't want your story subject to it, then post it in a different community. We prefer to be brutally honest here, so if you can't take it, go somewhere else.


And that's it~! If you are intrested in joining, go ahead! This is an open membership community. We hope to see you around!

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